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Better sleep starts now.

If your baby is difficult to settle, wakes often overnight, or struggles to nap, then the Sombelle program for babies 4-12 months, is for you.




Sombelle solves baby sleep difficulties.

  • Night waking reduces, or stops,
  • Cot settling becomes easier and faster,
  • Crying at bedtime reduces,
  • Your baby finds their ideal daily rhythm so they're happier during the day time,
  • You gain confidence in your parenting and your anxiety reduces.

Reduced waking

Easier settling

Reduced crying

Happier babies

He falls asleep in his cot in a few minutes - without tears!

- Hayley, mother of Dylan (8 months)

She was waking 6+ times each night, now she sleeps through.

- Ben, father of Issy (10 months)

Sombelle gives you everything you need.

Sombelle guides you through exactly what Dr Fallon and Dr Laura discuss with parents in their sleep clinics. Sombelle approaches are gentle and gradual to support strong infant mental health. 

Video lessons

Sleep doctors guide you through the content.

Sleep plan

A sleep plan template to complete as you go.

Case studies

Learn how other families improve sleep.

Resource sheets

Clear easy to follow steps that you can print.


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What do parents say about Sombelle?

Sophia's baby was waking every 40-90 minutes all night long. Three days after joining Sombelle, her baby slept through the night. No cry-it-out, just gentle, sensible support.


Detailed modules and clear steps.

Let us tell you more about Sombelle

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Coaching Calls

Sombelle members have fast-tracked access to our busy sleep clinic. You can book a one-on-one coaching call with Dr Fallon if you need enhanced support (additional fees apply).

It used to take more than an hour of hard work to get him to fall asleep. Now it takes 5 minutes.

- Bonnie, mother of Noah (6 months)

She sleeps through the night. I never thought it was possible after months of her waking every 1-2 hours.

- Gwen, mother of Sofie (11 months)

Sombelle cuts through all the noise and misinformation about sleep. Sombelle gives you sensible and effective advice to increase your parenting confidence.

Meet your instructors.

We are Dr Fallon Cook and Dr Laura Conway. 

  • We help thousands of parents and babies in our paediatric sleep clinics through our work at Infant Sleep Australia.
  • We both have PhDs and postdoctoral fellowships specialising in sleep, psychology, and child development, awarded by the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.
About Us


Sombelle is safe, gentle, and effective.

  • Sombelle approaches protect and nurture infant mental health and encourage strong attachment.
  • Each approach was developed in consultation with parents and has been parent approved. 
  • Sombelle is flexible. We encourage you to tailor our approaches to suit your baby's unique sleep needs - and we teach you how to do this!
  • No 'cry it out' and no rigid or harsh approaches.

Just clear, practical steps and better sleep.

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Here's your sneak peek inside Sombelle for babies 4-12 months.


Our baby was waking 6-7 times every night. I was exhausted. Sombelle helped me understand my baby better. We followed the steps to create our sleep plan and sleep improved really quickly. Our baby is easy to settle and sleeps so well at night now. We are all happier.

- Anna, mother of Lucas (8 months)

We recommend Sombelle to everyone. It helped us tune in to what our daughter needed from us. We loved the flexible options so we could create a sleep plan that suited the gradual pace we wanted to move at. It was easier than I expected and her sleep is fantastic. We are thrilled.

- Geoff & Ross, fathers of Tessa (7 months)

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